Anatoliy Korovin
More than 10 years of experience in design and software development: Keen on Microservice Architecture, Tested Driven Development, IoT, Object-Oriented Design, and Concurrency;
The blog's owner The Open Source Software libraries author and the Spring Framework contributor;
A public speaker at the software development conferences (Highload++, Heisenbug, Joker, JUG, etc.); A program committee member of the international software development and testing conference "Heisenbug conf."
Software Development for Japanese Companies
We are obsessed with our work
Software development is our passion. Coding, interfaces, and designing databases - that is what we work with every day. We follow technological trends, provide the best solutions, continually developing, and growing.
A strong team of professionals
Our team consists of 32 people; each of them is an expert in their field. Our programmers regularly take awards in different competitions and projects and consistently rank among the best and the most patented solutions. We are a professional team, which takes pride in providing our customers with product and service excellence.
We develop and launch projects using agile-methods
Missed deadlines hurt productivity and overshoot budget projections. This gives competitors the advantage of being first-to-market. Working using agile methods allows flexibility to launch projects quickly by completing primary phases of the project, which are later scaled to requirements.
Each project has its working group
At least 5 people work on the project. These project members include a product manager, two designers, and two developers. By extension, they become part of your team. We manage resources and allocate time to optimize the workload of each team member.