Personal account of the electricity consumer
We developed a mobile app to simplify the interaction between RusHydro company and physical consumers of electricity
For consumers of electricity:
  • Reducing the time for managing energy supply (meters data sending, late payment control, etc.)
  • Reducing time for bills payments
  • Payment reminders
  • Late payment control
For RusHydro:
  • Decrease in risks of short-term and long-term delays in payments
  • Reducing the workload on customer interaction departments
  • Additional consumer notifications
  • More efficient bills delivery to consumers
  • Development of the company in a customer-oriented direction
  • Improving the company's image with the use of technology and simplification of interaction with consumers
App modules
  • Transmission of meters data
  • Payment at
  • Feedback
  • Payment points
  • Meters data history
  • Accrual and payment details
  • Debt and overpayment
  • Push notifications , etc.