HR Telegram-Bot for Ginn company
electronic HR specialist double
A big production company with coverage throughout Russia constantly requires personnel. It requires employees with low professional qualifications, but who have great responsibility and are suitable for some of parameters, related to profession - valid driver’s license and owned car, physical endurance, attentiveness in paperwork and others.

At the first interview, the applicant fills out a questionnaire, after analyzing which HR manager decides on the admission of the applicant to the second interview with the head.
Reduce HR working time during the first interview by online questionnaire through Telegram-Bot.
Was developed Telegram-Bot, which allows conducting questionnaires and analyzing the results without HR managers . All results are automatically generated into analytics with the distribution of candidates into categories. Using analytic data HR manger can determine who can be sent immediately for an interview to head, who should be left in reserve, and who does not fit outgoing requirements at all.