System for control and accounting of municipal solid waste (MSW)
Smart cleanliness control
System modules
  • On-line monitoring of transport, dumpster filling and incidents
  • Photofixation of dumpster loading process
  • Interactive map of waste processing
In 2019 the White company successfully launched a pilot project about control of municipal solid waste in Aniva (Sakhalinskaya Oblast`).
System tasks
A task: to set up and automate control over the export of MSW in the city of Aniva. More than 30 filling monitoring sensors with data transmission via the GSM network were installed on garbage containers. Further modernization of the project involves equipping with special equipment garbage dumpsters and landfills.
  • Budget saving
  • Carrier company control
  • Trash dumpster filling control
  • Exclusion of illegal earnings of workers
System functions
  • Real-time trash dumpster fill tracking
  • Trash dumpsters fires monitoring
  • Route generation
  • Garbage truck traffic control
  • Unauthorized collection of MSW control
  • Photofixation of trash dumpster unloading processes
  • Pollution analysis
  • Control of the volume of garbage transported to landfills